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Adopted Kittens


This stunner is Mochi, a recently adopted kitty formerly known as Mimi. Her fur-ever momma calls her “sassy” and says she has so much fun playing with her three cat brothers.

Mochi loves toys more than any cat, really enjoys being carried around in a pocket sweatshirt, and adores the hammock on her cat tree where she always makes biscuits before getting in!



Lucy was adopted by Rachel and her husband just before Covid. Rachel calls her the “sweetest, dumbest cat ever,” with all the love of a true cat mama. She often tries to jump from place to place but never quite seems to make it. She also has a knack for finding the coziest spot in the house. She loves to sit in the window and watch the world go by; Rachel’s Medford home is blessed with an overabundance of wildlife, and Lucy’s favorites are the rabbits. She also loves humans, introducing herself to every visitor, and can often be found at the dining room table — in her own seat — enjoying dinner with her family.



One of NVHS’ friends, Jan, was hesitantly looking for a new friend. She’d recently lost her beloved cat after more than 10 years and was not really sure she wanted to adopt. Not only devastated from the loss, like many of us, living alone during the Covid pandemic only added to the despair. Max had been her constant companion. He was one of those cats that burrows into your heart, knows your every mood and is always there to show his love. How could she ever replace that?

When she felt she may finally be ready, Jan met a few cats but it wasn’t until she went to Shadow’s foster home that the deal was sealed. Originally there to meet the pair of sisters, Shadow suddenly appeared, walked right over to Jan and it was love at first sight. After a couple of days of getting settled, we are now told ‘he rules the house’! Shadow loves to be with Jan, sleeps with her at night, shares the couch while reading or watching tv, greets her at the door when she comes home, and chirps for breakfast when it’s time. It’s so hard to lose a pet, particularly during isolating times like Covid. We talk to many people who realize they need that love and are willing to risk their hearts again to have that companionship. They aren’t trying to ‘replace’ the companions they’ve lost. They just realize their hearts are big enough to love another pet – especially one who needs them just as much.



Meet Nacho… he’s a sweet, young kitten adopted by a wonderful family who keeps us posted on his hilarious antics. Apparently, Nacho decided he wanted to add a bit of potassium to his diet. So while no one was looking, he helped himself to a banana off the counter and brought it into one of the cubbies in his cat house. His dad came in to find it and took it back. Nacho, not to be deterred, planned his next move very carefully. Again, when no one was looking, he grabbed the banana…this time thinking he would fool them all. Knowing his first hiding place was compromised, he brought the banana to the second cubby in his cat house, very sure it wouldn’t be discovered! He was so proud of himself, until of course… they found it. It’s ok though; he’s concocted some other amusing ways to keep his family on its toes.

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