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How We Help

Neponset Valley Humane Society helps cats in Norwood, Massachusetts and surrounding communities. In addition to providing adoption services, we provide aid and care to feral and stray cats, and we take a special interest in our senior community–both cats and humans. Learn more about our services below.

2 Bengal Cats


Owning a cat or kitten should be a lifetime commitment – yours for the pets. Please do not adopt if you don’t think you can make the commitment necessary to give an animal a loving home, proper vet care and a lifetime of love. If you are interested in adopting, we have a number of wonderful animals waiting patiently in foster homes for their forever home. Find cats who are up for adoption and download an application.

Foster Care

Foster Care

Foster Care: Neponset Valley Humane Society is an all-volunteer, humane rescue organization without a shelter. This means all of our animals who are waiting for their forever home live with foster families. NVHS volunteers work hard to help as many animals as we can, and our foster families are the heartbeat of our organization. Our foster families save lives every day; we could not do what we do without them! Please consider joining our foster care team. The number of animals we can rescue is limited only by the number of families willing to provide foster care. Fostering can be as short as a few days or up to several months depending on the adoptability of the animal. Learn more about our Foster program.

Stray Cats
Long-haired cat

Stray Cats

NVHS volunteers do our best to help stray cats in Norwood and Stoughton, MA and other local communities as resources allow. Our resources and foster homes are limited. If you have a stray cat in need of help, please don’t hesitate to call NVHS. We can often provide medical care including spay/neuter and help the cat find a safe home. At the very least, we can provide advice as to how you can best help a cat in need. You can contact us by

calling 781-769-1990 

or via email at

Feral Cats
Cat Named Brady

Feral Cats

NVHS has long been a proponent and practitioner of TNR – trap, neuter, return in our local communities. This is the only humane way to help feral cats and decrease the feral cat population. If you are caring for a feral cat, thank you. But please make sure the cat is spayed/neutered before they reproduce. NVHS provides free spay/neuter for feral cats in our local communities. Please do not attempt to capture a feral cat.

Call 781-769-1990 

or email for assistance or further information.

Cat Named Bandit

Spay/Neuter Assistance

Over 70% of cats entering shelters are killed due to overpopulation. This is a tragedy and can be prevented through spay/neuter. Unaltered male cats are territorial and will mark their territory with a powerful scent. Unaltered female cats go into heat and exhibit annoying behaviors such as yowling, and they add to the already high number of homeless cats and kittens. NVHS regularly performs TNR (trap, neuter, return) for feral cat colonies in our area. If you see a feral colony, please reach out to us.

Altered pets are happier and healthier house companions. You can be part of the solution by spay/neutering your own pet. Neponset Valley Humane Society provides spay/neuter assistance to qualified cat owners of Norwood, Stoughton, and surrounding towns in MA as resources allow for those who love their cats but are unable to afford to spay/neuter. Visit the website of the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society to learn where you can find low-cost spay/neuter near you, or download our Spay/Neuter Clinic Sheet to get information on Massachusetts clinics and their fee structures.

Call 781-769-1990 

or email for information on this program.

Cat Named Bronzo

Seniors-for-Seniors Program

Seniors-for-Seniors: NVHS has a unique and very effective program matching senior cats with senior citizens in our service areas. Many senior cats are overlooked for younger cats and kittens. These seniors have so much love to give and just need someone to share it with. If needed and as resources allow, NVHS will help provide food and medical care. Adoptions fees are waived for seniors adopting senior cats.

If you are, or know of, a senior whose life would be brightened with a wonderful companion,
give us a call at 781-769-1990 
or email 
to learn more about this wonderful program. 

Surrendering Cats
Beautiful Cat

Surrendering Cats

Have a cat(s) you or someone you know can no longer care for?
Please call or email us and we will make every attempt to take them in and rehome them.

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