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Thanksgiving Basket Raffle!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Thanksgiving Basket

On Saturday, November 18th we will raffle off this beautiful, overstuffed basket!

We are looking toward the upcoming winter and following the wisdom of the ant by building up our stores of food and medicine for rescued and needy cats. Your participation in our Thanksgiving Basket raffle will help us tremendously!

Entries are 2/$10, 5/$20, and will give you a chance to win all of these wonderful goodies:

  • $75 gift card to Market Basket

  • Fall pumpkin platter

  • Pumpkin coffee

  • Dark chocolate pirouline

  • Pumpkin bread mix

  • Pumpkin decoration

  • Fall hand soap

  • Dessert napkins & plates

  • 2 mugs

  • Cat candle & dish towel


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