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Adoption Services:  Please consider adoption. There are so many pets in need of a family to love and call their own. All our pets are listed on our website, neponsethumane.org. We update the site regularly. We would be thrilled to hear from you if you are interested in adoption. Due to the severe cat overpopulation problem and in an effort to encourage life-long adoptions, NVHS does not have set adoption fees for our older kittens or adult cats. And we offer after adoption support for senior citizens who adopt senior cats. Every cat is spayed/neutered and receives age appropriate vaccines before being adopted. Spay/neuter is the only way to stop this tragic cat overpopulation problem.

Foster Care: Neponset Vally Humane Society is an all volunteer, all foster care organization. NVHS volunteers work hard to help as many animals as we can. We have an extensive network of foster families. Our foster families save lives everyday. Please consider joining our foster care team. The number of animals we can rescue is limited only by the number of families willing to provide foster care.

Stray Cats: NVHS volunteers do our best to help stray cats in Norwood and Stoughton, MA and other local communities as resources allow. Our resources and foster homes are limited. If you have a stray cat in need of help, please don’t hesitate to call NVHS. We can often provide medical care including spay/neuter and help the cat find a safe home. At the very least, we can provide advice as to how you can best help a cat in need. You can contact us by calling 781 769 1990 or via email at nvhumanesociety@gmail.com.

Feral Cats: NVHS has long been a proponent and practitioner of TNR – trap, neuter, return in our local communities. This is the only humane way to help feral cats and decrease the feral cat population. If you are caring for a feral cat, thank you. But please make sure the cat is spayed/neutered before they reproduce. NVHS provides free spay/neuter for feral cats in our local communities. Please do not attempt to capture a feral cat. Call or email for assistance or further information.

Spay/Neuter Assistance: Over 70% of cats entering shelters are killed due to overpopulation. This is a tragedy and can be prevented through spay/neuter. Unaltered male cats are territorial and will mark their territory with a powerful scent. Unaltered female cats go into heat and exhibit annoying behaviors such as yowling and they add to the already high number of homeless cats and kittens. Altered pets are happier and healthier house companions. Please spay/neuter. Neponset Valley Humane Society provides spay/neuter assistance to qualified cat owners of Norwood and Stoughton, MA who love their cats but are unable to afford to spay/neuter. Call 781 769 1990 for information on this program. NVHS also provides assistance to qualified cat owners in other local communities as resources allow.



 If you are considering volunteering, please attend our Volunteer Meeting at 7pm in the Willett Room at the Norwood Civic Center on Thursday, March 15.   NVHS has several new programs and we need volunteers to help us help the animals and the people who care for them.  Please email nvhumanesociety@gmail.com to request more information about any of our volunteer opportunities. 

CAT FOOD BARGAIN SHOPPERS:  NVHS volunteers feed over 200 cats daily.  We use a tremendous amount of cat food and so we need to buy smart.  This volunteer will alert NVHS cat food buyers to sales on the canned and dry food we buy most.

CAT FOOD COUPON CLIPPERS:  Clip coupons for the few brands of dry and canned food NVHS volunteers regularly use.  Mail coupons to NVHS on a regular basis. 

CAT RESCUE TEAM VOLUNTEER:  This volunteer opportunity is for experienced cat handlers.  Our volunteer Cat Rescue Team members work in the field to rescue and evaluate cats in need.  These might be feral cats who need to be TNR’d or they might be friendly, abandoned pets who need to go into our Adoption System.  We have competent, compassionate volunteers willing to train.  This volunteer position involves handling cats with unknown histories, temperaments and health.  It is all about helping cats who need help.

DOG ADOPTION COORDINATOR:  This volunteer position is for an experienced dog handler who is competent at dog temperament evaluation.  An increasing number of people wanting to surrender their dogs are willing to keep the dog in their home until a new family can be found.  You will evaluate the dog, get photos (either yourself or coordinate with volunteer photographer) for the website, interview potential adopters, arrange any necessary veterinary care for the dog and work to get the dog into his or her new forever home.

FERAL CAT FEEDER:  You will work with colony or neighborhood cat managersto determine a schedule that works for everyone. Many of our feeders feed everyday.  You can choose one meal per week that you will be able to cover every week.  Food will be provided by NVHS but you will need to pick it up in Norwood.  If you can ever not feed at your assigned time, it is critical that you contact the colony manager and ask them to find a substitute feeder.  These cats rely on us for food.  We cannot let them down.  We are most in need of volunteers to help feed in Stoughton, Norwood (weekday morning), Boston and Dorchester areas.

FOOD DONATION BINS:  You will need to find one store that will allow NVHS to place a bin for food donations.  It will be your responsibility to secure permission and maintain the bin.  We especially need cat food but we can accept dog food which will go to a local dog pound where it will be much appreciated.

FOSTER FAMILY VOLUNTEER (SHORT TERM):  We will assign rescued kittens or cats who are friendly, already well-socialized and just need time to wait for their forever families to adopt them.  Your foster cats need to start out in a separate room in your home.  You do not need to integrate foster cats into your animal family.  You may serve as adoption coordinator if you choose but that is not necessary.  NVHS will provide veterinary care.  We may need to ask you to transport kitteis to vet for spay/neuter appointments.  Foster families are critical to our ability to rescue cats in need.  WE ARE DESPERATE FOR MORE SHORT-TERM FOSTER HOMES.

LITERATURE CREATION:  This volunteer will create awareness-raising flyers and submit to NVHS Board for review.  The flyers will be simple, bright, colorful. easy to read.  Some topics to consider for flyers are Need for Volunteers, Senior Cat Program, Cat Overpopulation Awareness, Help One Cat Campaign, Low Cost Spay/Neuter and We Need Adopters.  You will also be requested to make flyers advertising our special events.

RABBIT FOSTER HOMES:  There is a serious rabbit overpopulation problem.  NVHS would love to be able to help rabbits in need.  The only way we can do this is for a volunteer to offer to be a rabbit foster home.  You can keep the bunny in a cage or free-roaming, whatever is comfortable in your home.  NVHS willprovide cage, supplies and veterinary care.

SENIOR CAT CARE TEAM MEMBERS:  NVHS is working hard to enable senior citizens to share their homes with lovable feline companions.  We have a variety of volunteer opportunities needed for this Special Seniors Program.  We are in need of a Senior Care Team Coordinator, Senior Cat Support Volunteers and Awareness Builders for this program.  If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with this program, please email nvhumanesociety@gmail.com.

SPECIAL EVENTS COORDINATORS:  If you have a talent for putting on events, we need your help.  NVHS has several special events for which we need to prepare  –  Annual Walk for Animals on Sunday, May 20th (biggest fund raiser of the year), Annual Fun Run on Sunday, September 9th and Puppy Mill Awareness Day in September.  We also need to start planning now for NVHS 20 year anniversary celebration in 2013.

SPONSOR CATS PROGRAM: Some of our cats stay in our foster homes for long periods of time.  Some have disabilities, some are shy, some are elderly.  But they are all loved and cared for by NVHS team members.  We need a team coordinator and volunteers to help raise awareness for these long-term foster cats.  If you are interested in learning more about this program, please email nvhumanesociety@gmail.com for more information.


While spay/neuter and education are vital to solving the homeless cats problem, there is also a need for a safe sanctuary where cats can live peacefully, happily and without cages. NVHS hopes to acquire land for a modest sanctuary for cats who don’t crave human companionship and have no place else to call home. Sadly humans are often responsible for displacing feral or under-socialized cats. These cats deserve a safe place to call home. If you’d like to help make this goal a reality please consider making a contribution to our Sanctuary Fund or a donation of property to NVHS. Donations are tax-deducible, land does not have to be in the immediate area.


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