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GotSneakers? Donate Them to Raise Money for NVHS!

September 13, 2022

Join Neponset Valley Humane Society and GotSneakers to help animals and the environment through our recycle, reuse, and raise money fundraiser!

GotSneakers Fundraiser



Sneaker collection! Donate your old sneakers, regardless of condition. We take used cleats as well (no metal cleats), but no rain boots, heels, loafers, hiking boots. or any other non-athletic shoes.


When we throw out sneakers, they fill up our landfills, take 30+ years to decompose, and leach harmful chemicals. GotSneakers sends good condition shoes to people who need them and recycles those that are in poor condition. Neponset Valley Humane Society gets a portion of the money GotSneakers raises through their recycling program, 100% of which we put toward helping area cats.


Drop off your old sneakers (only pairs, no singles) at one of our collection locations (see below) or call or email us for donation bags, or order bags from GotSneakers.com. You can use the bags to send back a bunch of sneakers at once. Collect more from friends and family. All the money we raise goes back to food and medical services for the seniors, fosters, and community cats and kittens in our care.

To order collection bags, email support@gotsneakers.com  and request the number of bags you want with an NVHS’ barcode so that the donation goes to us. They will send you the bag(s) with prepaid shipping labels (there is no cost to you to ship the bags back). You can fit between 12 and 14 pairs in each bag. Please return only full bags. A few additional guidelines from GotSneakers: 

  • only sneakers/athletic shoes (no other shoes, heels, boots, etc.)
  • pairs only – no singles
  • pairs must be together/in the same bag – we aren’t given credit for non-paired sneakers that are not in the same bag
  • Helpful hint – tie the laces together or put an elastic band around them
  • Bags are self seal, so no need for packing tape
  • Prepaid shipping labels are for UPS or FedEx. Once the bags are full, seal them shut and drop them off at a location near you. 
  • Anyone anywhere in the country can participate. Just ask them to choose NVHS as their charity!

Drop your sneakers at any of these locations:

Stoughton: 69 Pinetree Rd
Norwood: 7 Hampden Drive or 150 Roosevelt Ave.

Norton: 14 E Hodges Street

W. Bridgewater: Solara Salon, 320 W. Center St


Please contact NVHS for more information or to get collection bags.
(781) 769-1990
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Join Us at Norwood Day, September 10th

August 29, 2022

10:30am to 3:00pm
Norwood Town Common

Norwood Day is a vibrant event with food and activities for all—a great way to kick off the fall season!

Neponset Valley Humane Society will be selling beautiful knitted hats to raise money for food and medical care for rescued and feral kittens.

Got Sneakers? Bring them to Norwood Day! We are collecting them to be given away or recycled. Every pair you donate raises money for NVHS.

We will also have fun giveaways. Stop by our booth and say hi!

Norwood Day 2022


Neponset Valley Humane Society
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