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Featured Cat/Pet of the Week

Featured Cat/Pet of the Week

This sweet face belongs to Becca who’s about 2 years old. She has lots of energy, loves to play, and is friendly, however she does have her quirky ways. Becca will do well with an experienced cat parent as she can be unpredictable at times. She’s very playful and likes her family involved and loves to play fetch with her favorite toy. She carries it around in her mouth and drops it at your feet to let you know the games begin! Becca will rub her face on yours to let you know when she wants attention, even if you look busy doing something else! She’ll also let you know when it’s time to go back to what you were doing so she can go play or rest! Becca prefers to be the only pet and with no small children. She didn’t take very long to get used to her new foster home, so we know Becca is a confident cat who will ‘own’ her new family and home in no time!

If you can give this precious girl a loving home, please send your completed application to nvhumanesociety@gmail.com. Click the Adopt button on this website for instructions to download the form. Or call 781-769-1990.




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